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It has been one of the highlights of my tenure that I have had the privilege to work with Jan Lorentzen as my executive coach.

I can say unequivocally, that the experience has exceeded all my expectations. The calls with Jan are at once the most demanding and fulfilling work I do each week. He expertly guides me to deeper understanding and new perspectives regardless of the topic at hand. I am becoming equipped with the tools not only to be a better manager, but also to be a better husband, father and person.

Jan’s coaching has allowed me to identify some of the underlying patterns that ‘make me tick’ and to be able to step back and discover new and better choices in how I respond to a situation. I feel much more grounded and empowered and better able to take on the challenges that come my way.

I will remain eternally grateful for the gifts Jan has led me to discover within myself, and I could not recommend him more highly.

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