“We can recommend Jan Lorentzen as an insightful and engaging speaker.”

-Narve Jordheim, Econa (Norwegian MBAs’ association)

Jan Lorentzen is an experienced and engaging speaker and trainer. He will tailor each talk or seminar to your specific needs. Book him for anything from a short keynote speech, to an extensive training.


How to literally upgrade the way you think and perform, so you can find new innovative solutions that you haven’t even thought of before, make better more successful decisions and avoid costly mistakes – plus, have more personal energy than ever before.

Success Without Stress
How to become immediately more effective and productivity every single day, so you can reach your goals in shorter time – without feeling tired or just plain stressed out.

Winning Teams
How to dramatically raise the productivity of your team, boost morale, and attract the right people – in a way your employees will love.


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