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Single Consultations

Successfully Solve a Problem.
Make the Best Decision.
In One Hour or Less.

Avoid wasting valuable time searching in vain for a good solution
or worse – making a decision that may have unforeseen consequences.

• Are you facing a challenging problem?
• Do you have to make a decision without sufficient data?
• Or do you simply require new, innovative ideas?

SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS is a single consultation with Jan, usually with a time frame of one hour or less, designed to give you solutions or answers to any problem or challenge you may be facing or any decision you have to make.
You will arrive at a solution together, by Jan creating a situation where you both you can get in touch with your ‘inner compass’. And Jan will also share his take on the issue by applying his intuition and experience.

Get in touch today to make an appointment – or simply to find out more.

“Jan Lorentzen’s systematic and intuitive methods can definitely contribute to better decisions
when you don’t have all the facts – and how often isn’t that the case.”

-Peder Giertsen, consultant

Find Innovative Answers
We live in a time when solutions from the past just aren’t cutting it. Today the best answers are often found by expanding the way we think and connecting with Universal Intelligence – a wast field of intelligence beyond our rational minds. This is not airy-fairy thinking, it is how the greatest innovations of our time have been made. Learn more »

Get Clarity and Certainty
The Superior Solutions approach is designed to help you literally expand the way you think, so you can…

• Connect with a larger field of intelligence
• Receive priceless information
• Have problems become clear and simple

You can be confident that you will receive valuable insights within a short time. The approach is so simple, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been applying it already.

Sounds Too Good to be True?
Book a Superior Solutions consultation today if you require an effective solution, have to make a tough decision or simply need new ideas.
We GUARANTEE that it works.

Contact us to make an appointment or find out more…

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