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Would You Like to Transform Your Results and
Make a Difference—Without Unhealthy Stress...

-then let's have a conversation!


Jan coaches leaders who want to create their life's work, while simultaneously enjoying every day of it. He has 40 years experience supporting people and organizations in growing and getting better.

Working with Jan will support you in thinking clearly, becoming more creative and productive, while feeling vibrant and alive every single day. 

Here is some of what you can expect:


  • Clearly see your next step.
  • Make better, more successful decisions and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Find new, innovative solutions that you haven’t even thought of before.


  • Effectively handle distractions and interruptions.
  • Accomplish what’s important, not merely urgent.
  • Get more done in less time without working harder.


  • Avoid feeling unfocused, tired or plain stressed out.
  • Create what you want with lightness and ease instead of stress and struggle.
  • Enjoy having more personal energy than ever before.

THE END RESULT: Enjoy an extraordinary quality of work and life.

“If we decide to work together it WILL change your work and your life forever and I promise you—I promise you, that it will be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done, quite possibly the most rewarding.”


What others are saying:

Sessions with Jan are like going on an adventure to find new treasures every time we meet, treasures that keep improving my life in all aspects from work to physical health to family.

Truls Olufsen-Mehus, Marketing Manager

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I am enormously pleased with the result of the coaching conversation we had!

Kristin Wiig Sandnes, Section Manager – Organization
The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue – Redningsselskapet

Jan has an incredible talent for working with people.

Bengt Stern, MD, founder
Mullingstorp Kursgård AB

My satisfaction (working with Jan) is 10 out of 10.

Gro Anita Goodier, General Manager
Trier bak Slottet


I am becoming equipped with the tools not only to be a better manager, but also to be a better husband, father and person.

Peter T. Howe, Principal
UWC Atlantic



In a work life with constant pressure and stress, where failing to take breaks, dropping exercise and cutting down on sleep has become the norm for many, having a coach is no longer just a good idea, but crucial for both your performance, your health and your private life.


  • Time efficient, because it requires very little time; 12-30 minutes every 2-3 weeks is enough. Expect to save this time manyfold by becoming more focussed and effective, and making better priorities.  
  • Explore what is important vs. merely urgent.
  • An independent third peron who can challenge your views and at the same time support you.
  • Flexibiliy to fit a busy schedule and no need to travel.
  • Profitable because the investment can be expected to repay itself manyfold and improve the bottom line.

See the ICF Study: Benefits of Using a Coach

I’m interested in experiencing a powerful coaching conversation with Jan.

Highly Skilled and With an Ocean
of Experience – Literally!

– Kayaking solo the entire coast of Norway has taught
me a thing or two about what it takes to succeed,
while simultaneously enjoying your journey.

Jan at 72° North
heading for Russia


My Journey towards ‘Success’

Her kjemper jeg et sted i Finnmark for å lande kajakken på min 3000 km solo padle-ekspedisjon fra Sverige til den russiske grensen.
Struggling to land my kayak on a rough shore at 72° north during my expedition along the entire 2000 mile coast of Norway.

Growing up I had every opportunity to enjoy sports and the outdoors. At age 11 I was skippering a small sailboat on a muli day trip with friends. Years later it culiminated in my skippering a sailing yacht across the Atlantic as well as kayaking solo the entire Norwegian coast from Sweden to the Russian border.

As a teenager I spent two years together with students from some eighty nations at United World Colleges in Wales, experiencing how similar we all are, despite ethnic and cultural differences. After earning a Siviløkonom degree at the Norwegian Business School, BI, where I was elected president of the students union, and studying for an MBA degree in the US, I landed my dream job as product manager with a leading consumer brands company.

I had achieved everything I had worked for, however I nevertheless felt like a key piece was missing…

My Journey as a Coach

 That missing piece turned out to be the beginning of a life long path spurred by the universal question ‘Is this all there is?’. Along the way I would train and work as a meditation instructor, spend six months in a meditation centre in India and complete an extensive psychotherapist training in Germany.

In the years to follow I learned from many of the best teachers and trainers in the US, as well as completing multiple certificate trainings in Coaching, NLP and Applied Neuroscience in London. And the process of life long learning and refining my coaching skills continues to this day.

Today I live and work on the Lofoten islands, north of the polar circle, enjoying powerful nature, midnight sun and northern lights. This allows me to view you and your situation in a greater perspective, which is hard to have in the the city. Combined with over 40 years of experience this enables me to offer some of the most powerful coaching available anywhere.


How to Work With Me

A TYPICAL COACHING SESSION with me is simply a conversation, typically via video, where I ask you powerful questions and listen to you like you’ve never been listened to before, complemented by me sharing observations and valuable information when called for, so that you can have new insights and uncover the ideas and answers that lie within you.

WE START by having an initial conversation, free of charge and with no obligation, during which you get to experience my coaching style and personality to see if we are a good fit. We focus on what’s most important to you, what it is you’d like to achieve and then as your coach I start in this session to help you move towards it.

IF YOU THEN DESCIDE to continue with me as your coach we discuss what type of coaching arrangement might be most useful for you to achieve what you want, i.e. how often and for how long.

SOMETIMES, completely unexpectedly, it may be a few hours, days or weeks after a coaching session that you have your greatest insight, so be ready for some positive surprises.

I TRULY LOVE WORKING WITH PEOPLE and as your coach I will do all I can to support you in creating an extraordinary quality of work and life.

IMAGINE elevating your sense of purpose, success and fulfilment through the support of a professional coach!

"Everyone needs a coach. We all need people who give us feedback. That's how we improve"

-Bill Gates

If any of what you have been reading here appeals to you we should have a conversation! 

To apply for a conversation with Jan and have a direct experience of what he can do for you, or if you simply
have a question, please contact us: 

Featured In:

Jan Lorentzen AS, Ramberg in Lofoten, Norway

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