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Take Your Work and
Your Life to an
Entirely New Level

Know what you want, create
the life you long for, and feel
more vibrant and alive
every single day.

Clearly See Your Next Step

Achieve what you want, enjoy greater
freedom and feel more vibrant and alive.


  • Become able to focus your mind, cultivate confidence, and make more positive decisions in life.
  • Discover the incredible energy and power of your body-mind.
  • Live your dreams and make a difference.


I can highly recommend the High Performance Coaching process. The program gave me
a very good opportunity for self-reflection regarding my work situation as well as private
life. Jan Lorentzen is a calm and confidence-inspiring person with high credibility.

–Per Sandhaug, Fellestiltakene LO-SAMFO


High Performance Coaching is an advanced personal and professional development process for people who want to live an extraordinary life. It’s designed to help you develop the habits that lead to high performance in your career, health and personal life. Please note: High Performance is not to be confused with peak performance which is not sustainable long term and leads to burnout.

Think about it. Become able to master your mind, accelerate your personal growth, and learn the latest life-changing tools from neuroscience, positive psychology, and world-class performance studies.

In the course of this coaching process you’ll get new insights and develop habits to dramatically improve your mindset, health, relationships, and career. You’ll unlock levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence you didn’t know existed. You’ll level up. You’ll discover what’s been missing. You’ll grow. You’ll hit a new level of working and living.


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Psychology Mastery
  • Become crystal clear on exactly what’s your next step.
  • Expand your mind and get access to ideas and solutions that others miss.
  • Make better, more successful choices and avoid regrettable mistakes.
Physiology Mastery
  • Take control of your nutrition, workout routines, daily energy practices and rejuvenation.
  • Get effective techniques and the very latest technologies for relaxation and recharging yourself.
  • Enjoy feeling stronger and more vibrant and alive every single day.
Purpose Mastery
  • Identify what’s most important to you in your life and why.
  • Become crystal clear on why you do what you do.
  • Discover what lies underneath your higher purpose and mission.

Productivity Mastery
  • Implement practical tools and advanced strategies for discerning your priorities and managing your days. 
  • Avoid the sabotaging effect of constant distractions and interruptions upon your time.
  • Accomplishing more of what’s important, with joy and sanity.
Communication Mastery
  • Get your ideas across and effectively influence others.
  • Learn the techniques used by the world’s most powerful speakers, leaders, and marketers.
  • Receive support for your dreams and make a difference.

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Consultations in Norwegian or English, over the phone, Skype or in person.
Please note that an awful lot of the best consultations are conducted over the telephone or Skype.


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During the session:

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision of what you want.
  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging or limiting you.
  • And you’ll leave the session knowing exactly what’ll be your next step.

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